Attenuverter and Offset.
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    RHS Attenuvert and Offset.audulus
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  • Very cool love it! So glad people are getting into using these SVG nodes they really add a lot to Audulus patches. When Taylor first showed it to me in beta I was worried people would take it in a more Reaktor-level way where everyone's just trying to make it look like "real" hardware. It never occurred to me that people would do more creative things like adding symbols and cool graphics like this that keep within the Audulus visual scheme.
  • Don't you worry @biminiroad, I've been working on some faux wood end cheek svgs and gradient fades too ;-)
  • cool! and please do some 3D-moog-style-knobs :)
  • A huge, giant, so-big-it-can-always-be-turned, 3-D Moog knob. Please.
  • For knobs, faders, buttons, you'll never be able to design something "realistic" without Audulus being able to handle different states (to simulate rotation, glow, lightning, shades, etc...).
    Not SVG but for those interested, this is a software massivley used in the vst world:
  • I was just kidding. I'm perfectly happy to just push the Audulus aesthetic at this point.
  • tbh I don't need any emulation of a real knob. I need a clear and easy to access interface. I'm working on a touch screen - how many rotary knobs do you see in a modern touch interface? yes, they're still often used, but there are better ways to display information than a rotary knob.
    That's a thing I like about melda productions software and a reason why I don't like the UAD or wave emulations. Twiddling on a virtual karacter is 1000 times less fun than on my rack version. Some pixels on the screen won't deceive me.
  • @Experiment1 - one thing I do like about the hardware emulations, especially for EQs is that they're stepped and you have to choose a dB and frequency and stick with it, no endless tweaking haha! But yeah I feel you totally.