Audulus Tutorial Livestream - Module Library Q&A pt1

  • This is a general Q&A about Audulus features. People asked questions beforehand on the forum and during the livestream.

    0:00 - Introduction & Overview of Curvature Semi-Modular Synthesizer
    15:20 - The difference between the Unit Delay (z-1) node and the Feedback Delay node.
    32:10 - What is the Time node good for?
    36:17 - What happened to the Range node?
    40:00 - Using clamp(a,x,y) to create an asymmetrical clipper
    42:10 - How to use the Mapper node
    47:42 - Creating a custom wavetable oscillator with the Mapper node
    56:10 - How to use the Spline node
    1:00:12 - Creating a custom wavetable oscillator with the Spline node
    1:04:40 - How to use the hipass/lowpass nodes
    1:08:20 - Exploring the Forum Patch Repository
    1:20:10 - Return to Curvature Semi-Modular Synthesizer
    1:23:35 - Count by X module overview
    1:27:06 - Using the mod(x,y) (modulo) expression
    1:33:24 - Sign off
    1:34:11 - Why you should review & 5-star Audulus after every update! :)
    1:37:04 - Sending coding resumes to Taylor

  • I notice a Time node yesterday on the mac version. It doesn't seem to be present on the iPad sao I assume it may be related to use in a DAW but I don't see it mentioned in the online docs.
  • +1 time node. Also mapper and spline would be great to get a better handle on.
  • @stschoen @RobertSyrett that one's easy - it just outputs the time for wherever the transport is in your DAW. It's useless unless it's being used in the plugin.
  • That's kind of what I suspected, but it's good to know.
  • I mean I understand what it does, but I've never used it. I'd like to see it in action.
  • Nice documentation idea!
  • Q: What happened to the Range node?
    Q: What is the frequency that triggers the envelope follower?

    Also, I think demoing what the alpha input on the LowPass and HiPass nodes do would be great, as the documentation currently makes no mention of them.
  • The first is easy:

    Range node was supplanted by clamp(x,y,z). It was good too because, especially from the graphic, it seemed like it automatically detected the high and low and the shrunk the range of the high and low, rather than just clipping the high and low, which is what it did.

    Can you explain the second?

    And the LowPass/HiPass will be great especially since there's a frequency-to-alpha converter module in the new forum collection under utilities.
  • So sometimes I need to have two (or more) EnvFollow nodes to get what I think is the appropriate envelope signal. I would like to know more (numerically) about the node and where it's sweet spots are.
    EnvFollow Mystery.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 5.43.03 PM.png
    970 x 645 - 107K
  • @RobertSyrett - from that patch it looks like you really just want to use the Gate Smear module? That will hold that up/down detector high.

    EnvFollow Mystery - Gate Smear Solution.audulus
  • Fair enough, I was just hoping to get some specifics on the EnvFollow node.
  • What is still a bit of a mystery for me is the feedback delay node. Knowing where to place it exactly is still a matter of experimentation. It's also unclear what it does exactly compared to z-1.
  • Hey I'm sorry guys I suddenly just got really sick and have to cancel the livestream today - let's plan on Saturday at 3pm EST. Ask more questions if you want beforehand, sorry again! I need to lie down yuck.
  • Hope you feel well soon!
  • Oh bummer! Relax and get well!
  • Is there a stream today?
  • When will this stream take place? Would love to follow it if it's at a suitable time for me...
  • Has the stream been posted? was there a stream yesterday?
  • I didn't see a stream yesterday. Mark may still be too sick.
  • get well Mark!
  • Sorry I spaced on Saturday! I am feeling better, thanks. I'm definitely going to do one on Thursday 6pm EST - that will be the recurring time from now on. I will probably also do another one this week to make up for it!
  • Posted video above!
  • Thanks for taking the time answering all these questions.

    As for the LP/HP nodes, there's a topic already:

    These are RC filters models (so 6dB/oct and no resonance). More details (and the equation) here:

    Actually I use them a lot : slew limiters, portamento, waveshaping, tone shaping... really useful nodes. I also used the 1-pole LP as a starting point for the VA ADSR.
  • @SansNom thanks a lot for the assist there!