• This is a synth voice that is based on pinging the SansNom Multimode Moog Filter with bipolar gate signals at high resonance. You can get ringing plucked sounds or metallic pinging sounds with this patch. When you add another sound source into the FM input you can create some very strange percussion sounds. A quantizer is included inside the module so that you can connect Peng! to continuous modulation sources and create generative melodies as the 1/o input does not change pitch once the gate pings the filter.

    edit 2-23: fixed bug with mm filter so now you can peng! in different modes.
    Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 3.05.25 AM.png
    1429 x 982 - 246K
    Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 3.05.12 AM.png
    950 x 490 - 154K
    RHS PENG.audulus
  • WTF? That's exactly why I love Audulus. Thanks for sharing.
  • Aw man this is great!! Love the Stereolab reference :)
  • I really love it! Thanks.
    You disabled the multimode functionality on purpose?
  • Good catch! No I did not, I think there was a copy paste error at some point. The original post has been updated.
  • @biminiroaad can you reclassify this as a standalone synthesizer in the sidebar?
  • You guys come with the most obscure videos. Early French Hip-Hop?
  • Stereolab is an indie rock band from the 1990's which had a French lead vocalist. Being the hipsters of their day, they reveled in referencing 1960's european culture and making minimoogs cool again. They were one of my favorites and partially responsible with my synthesizer fascination. Fun fact, a review of an early release of theirs described them as "daft punks," a phrase which inspired the name of a couple of fans who were starting an act of their own who would go on to become much more popular.

    In the above video you can spot a Moog Opus 3, VCS3, and what I believe is a Serge Modular.
  • So many vintage keyboards! Loved the video.
  • Here is a CPU friendly version for big patches.
    mini peng.audulus
  • Thanks for the update RobertSyrett! To add to the hipsterness of the thread, here's my favorite Stereolab song!

    I was heartbroken when Mary Hansen was killed. :(
  • Me too, I cried when I first heard Instant 0 in The Universe, their tribute to Mary. I just count myself as lucky that I got to see her a couple times in concert before she passed.