Audulus Tutorial Livestream: Modular Synthesis 101 with Audulus pt 1

  • Livestream - Modular Synthesis 101 pt 1.audulus
  • How do you use midi to trigger/play your OS X 'audulus modular' without using external hardware?
  • @ScooterVagabond - can you expound on this a little more? Are you talking about me in particular in something I've done or just "you" in general? Are you talking about how do you use Audulus with a DAW and send it MIDI info?

    Either way, this Livestream is going to be more about fundamental synthesis like "What is an oscillator" that kinda thing, just FYI.
  • Oh, I just meant the basics of how to get midi into audulus with an external program on OS X (since it doesn't have the nice keyboard like iOS)
  • @ScooterVagabond - the workaround right now is to use Audulus as a plugin in a DAW that has musical typing :)
  • Are you talking about using a MIDI keyboard with Audulus on a mac or sending MIDI from another application? I also posted a keyboard patch a while ago for use on the mac. Not something you could actually perform on, but fine for testing.
  • @stschoen Nice, I'll have a look!
  • @stschoen is it this one? because this is what I have been using since forever.
  • Yes, that was the one I made. I think it was the very first thing I posted. I liked the keyboard in iOS and thought there should be something similar for the mac.
  • Hilarious, I would call that one a classic.
  • How is it going with the library documentation / overhaul and when do you expect we will see this in an Audulus update? ;-) Related (and I think this has been discussed in the forum) will the Windows and iOS updates for this be synchronized?
  • @Bryan58 - that's not really a question for this topic (this is a livestream about Modular Synthesis 101), but it's going along well :) And yes the Windows and iOS updates will be syncronized for this.
  • Patch and stream uploaded! Thanks for everyone who participated. Look above to the first post for the archived stream and the patch I created.
  • What programming language do you use for making modules in audulus?
  • Thank you very much for an excellent tutorial. The livestream and watching you work was extremely helpful. Could you please tell me where I could find the patch that goes with
    your YouTube video "Creating a Self-Playing Patch in Audulus" on July 5 2017

    Thanks again