My first (quite serious) approach in doing mobile modular music
  • This Audulus stuff is really funny and catchy. Took me about two weeks to find out how all that blinky math stuff works; so here is my first attempt in doing modular self playing tanzmusik. Hope you like it (maybe you like my simple love osc as well). Made with love an an iPad Pro 12.9

    2732 x 2048 - 647K
  • Sounds awesome!
  • Wow! Nicely done!
  • :D Thank you
  • Too hot for my iPad Air, sadly! To sure how much could be solved by grouping nodes/modules...
  • @Audioneiromancer I think if you grouped you would only save CPU on the waveform displays. I took out the serious reverbs and a couple of sem filters and the cpu load dropped in half. You should check it out though, because it's an interesting approach to combining several lines without a standard sequencer.
  • This is awesome! Sounds really good. Thanks for sharing :)