Studiomux/Midimux iPad to mac MIDI and audio routing
  • I've been stuck running Audulus on my iPad for the moment and I've been using a handy utility to route MIDI and audio to and from my mac to my iPad. Its called Studiomux. It has a small server component that runs on the mac and an app running on the iPad. It will route both midi and audio back and forth between the iPad and the mac using a lightning cable. It has pretty low latency and seems to perform pretty well. They also have a free app called midimix that routes midi only. User manual is a bit opaque but it's not too bad once you figure it out. I thought some Forum members might find it useful. I can route midi from my keyboard to the iPad and the output audio back to my DAW.
  • I never could get it to work! How did you do it?
  • In the past I have used Audiobus 2 and Studiomux together and it's very dependent on loading everything in the correct order. This morning I tested it using Inter-App Audio instead and it seem to be a simpler process. First launch the Studiomux server on the mac, connect iPad via the lightning connector then launch Studiomux. If you select the server icon on the mac toolbar, you should see 1 audio and 1 midi connection. On the iPad select add plugin, select Effects then IAA Effects and drag Audulus to a channel (You could also use Instruments if you only want sound from the iPad to the mac). Audulus should launch. Open the desired patch then return to Studiomux by double clicking the home button and selecting the Studiomux screen. If the patch is producing sound you should see an audio waveform in the Audulus channel. If you select the headphone icon, you should hear the audio. At this point if you open Audi MIDI Setup on the mac you should see the iPad displayed in the Audio window with at target icon. (You may see it displayed a second time with an enable button. This is Apple's inter-device audio and I haven't been able to get it to work well.) You should now be able to open your DAW of choice and select the iPad as an audio device. Alternatively you can select the iPad in Audi Midi setup and make it the default system input or output. Note that just selecting the iPad as the default system input will not produce any sound since in effect you are replacing the mic with the iPad. Similarly selecting the iPad as the system output will send sound generated on the mac to the iPad. If you want to hear sound from Audulus on the mac you will need to use some application like a DAW. I use Reaper but you should be able to use pretty much anything.
  • @stschoen, I'm just losing my mind with this damn Studiomux. I've tried every which way, and I'm finally to the point where I'm ready to delete the app and never speak of it again. I get all the way to where I can see the Studiomux generator that I've added as a software synth. I can see my iPad and the app on on the studiomux app within Logic Pro X, but never any sound! Ugh!
  • Do you see/hear the audio from Audulus on the appropriate channel in the Studiomux app on the iPad?
  • I don't have Logic Pro so I tried using GarageBand v10.2.0 this morning and I get an error when I try to load the AU. I haven't tried changing the system default input to studiomux and then using GarageBand. It works fine in Reaper. You might want to send an email to their support. Logic is mentioned as supported in the documentation.
  • I tested with GarageBand by setting the system default input to Studiomux/Audulus in Audio/Midi setup and creating a track in GarageBand using the mic/line-in input and was able to successfully feed sound from Audulus on the iPad into GarageBand. Don't know if this would work for Logic Pro, and it's certainly not the optimum solution. I sent an e-mail to support regarding the load error for the AU, but haven't heard back from them as yet.