I/O SVG graphics
  • I spent some time today putting together some SVG graphic icons for the more common input and output types as well as some scales for the meter (Also some emoji's for @RobertSyrett).SInce there is no way to import an SVG file directly on aniPad I've embedded them in a patch for copy and paste as well as a zip file of the individual icons for PC/Mac use. Enjoy!
    Input Output SVG.zip
    Input-Output SVG.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 8.54.29 PM.png
    982 x 741 - 106K
  • HOLY MOLEY These are great! Will definitely start using these. Could you possibly make a number box that's a little smaller that would fit, say, 000.00 5 digits snugly?
  • No problem.
  • This is a bold new chapter in the history of Audulus.
  • @robertsyrett - I agree! @stshoen - do I have your permission to start using these SVGs in the official modules?
  • How's this? You are certainly free to do whatever you like with the graphics, I would be happy to see them get some use. I would also be open to any suggestions you might have. The octave input in particular is little busy for my taste but I couldn't come up with anything better. I tried to stay consistent with the general look of the UI which is so minimalist.
    box value 5 digit.svg.zip
  • If I may quibble, the musical note is slightly too tall. But yeah, the pictograms will be a lot better for non-english design.

    edit: I kind of wish you could scale these inside of Audulus.
  • BTW, your comments regarding layering in the UI yesterday apply to these with a vengeance. You often have to move one to select the node.
  • @stschoen - yeah, totally. I think adding a photoshop-style layer system would be complicated, but it would be awesome to be able to lasso and move around elements on a UI. I'm not sure Taylor even knows what's going on with the layer thing, cause when I asked him about it a couple years ago, he was like "There aren't layers in Audulus." Kinda just had to figure that out - @macromachines was the one who gave me the cut/paste tip for bringing something to the top. But maybe we could have something where you could tap on the node and it would say "send to top" or something? I dunno that warrants some thinking. The cut/paste thing works just fine, but it's not very discoverable.
  • Oops! Missed the scale on the notes. Here's the fix
    Input Output SVG 2.zip
    Input-Output SVG.audulus
  • The graphics have a transparent rectangular frame similar to the nodes. I have it cropped to the minimum size, but when the graphic is "on top" of the node you can't select through it. Something to watch if your knob suddenly doesn't work.
  • Thanks for the emoji's also :)
  • Ohh i see what you mean!
  • I also though about a grid for stacked meter nodes but I wasn't sure how many meters would be useful. If you want one let me know how many meters side-by-side. I think I'll also do one for the waveform display just for grins.
  • @stschoen - 8, 16, 32 might be nice? (for sequencers) dunno how quick/easy this is for you.

    the waveform display would be great! can you do one that's in volts, where top is 10v bottom is -10v? would be nice for stuff like the thing I did today.
  • Oh, also, is translucency preserved? That might make for some cool stuff. You could color the waveform window! I suppose you can do that anyway just by putting something in the background...
  • Now that I have the scale and colors it's pretty quick. Here's a first crack at 8 meters. Not sure it isn't too distracting. For sequencers it might be better to have a 12 step grid?
    meter grid 8.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.06.49 PM.png
    545 x 732 - 21K
  • I don't think Audulus supports translucency. Seems like I tried it but I'll double check. If you're careful you can get the node on top of the graphic, but watch out when you delete or cut a graphic. It removes the image data so all copies in the same patch will also disappear. If you need separate images use multiple SVG nodes.
  • BTW sorry I missed the livestream today. Real life intervened. I'll watch the replay.
  • Very cool! And don't worry - it was a spontaneous stream. I was (late) spring-cleaning my room and just needed to take a break.
  • Here's a waveform grid. Comments?
    waveform grid.audulus
    Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.57.46 PM.png
    1278 x 661 - 78K
  • >but watch out when you delete or cut a graphic. It removes the image data so all copies in the same patch will also disappear.

    I think there is some limitation to this, if you copy and paste the module the svg in in and then delete the original, the copied module will still display the svg.

  • Oh, I like the waveform grid. Each rectangle is .25 amplitude by .5 seconds, could come in handy. Also, you will now have to redo the oscilloscope lfo.
  • Perfect love em!
  • I believe that Audulus only maintains a single copy of the SVG code with pointers to the location(s) for display. It sounds like the code is embedded in the module when you group the SVG. If you have the graphic at the patch level it's probably global to the patch. That would make sense, a module is really a patch with it's own exposed UI. Audulus is an amazing piece of coding.
  • Very nice and interesting stuff! Thanks.
  • Wow! This is so cool ... this opens up some interesting possibilities as well!
  • any ideas about a sync/reset input symbol?
  • @biminiroad he added a sync symbol with the FM osc mk 5
    Linear Zero-Crossing FM Oscillator Mk V.audulus
  • Just saw these graphics - very nice!
  • @stschoen Could I be so greedy as to request a spline 8x8 rectangular grid? I've been trying to use them for complex cross-fading, but there is no markings on the node so making even divisions is tricky.
  • I'd be glad to. It'll give me a break from working on a reliable approach to syncing my chainable sequencers
    spline grid.svg.zip
    Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 4.34.59 PM.png
    1329 x 523 - 53K
  • As always, load order is important (at least if you want to select the points through the grid).
  • Muchas gracias! Also, you make an interesting point. If you upload a patch with splines and you don't want people to inadvertently change them you can cover it with the svg as a safeguard :D