Stereo i/o with plugin
  • I'm probably being dumb here but.....

    In Logic I open up a stereo instrument (Steinway piano)

    Now I select Audulus as a Stereo FX insert

    However, the resulting sound in in mono (left channel only).

    How do I add a stereo input and output so I can , for example, place a delay in-between the input and output thereby using Audulas as a FX unit? I'm guessing because i don't see a stereo input... that I need two inputs and outputs (and maybe two delays?) but I cannot see how I assign them correctly.... so the end result is one output going to the left channel and one to the right?
  • Yeah, you'll need two input and two output nodes. Set each pair to channels one and two.

    And, yes the Delay node is mono, so you'll need two of them.

    - Taylor
  • Ah.. okay.. got it...

    Loving the program btw... Lots of possibilities opening up for it's use...

    Many thanks!