MPE support
  • Hi guys!

    I'm considering the new ROLI Seaboard Block to use with an iPad, and it would be great to see Adulus supporting MPE.

    Quick introduction for those who don't know: MPE stands for Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression, and simply means that you can alter the pitch, timbre and other parameters of the sound for each note you play. For example, if you assign vibrato to the modwheel on a regular MIDI keyboard and turn it up, every note you play is being affected. On an MPE compatible device on the other hand, you can control the vibrato on each note separately.

    This becomes even more exciting with a modular environment like Audulus, because you can play your patches in more expressive ways. There's not many MPE compatible synths for iOS right now, so regarding getting more users to the environment, I think implementing MPE is a wise investment for the product.

    Anyone else using MPE devices here?

    Here are two videos of MPE instruments:

  • Hi @ChrisThon, MPE isn't in Audulus yet, but I'm looking forward to implementing it! (Unfortunately, I can't give you an ETA)

    - Taylor
  • Taylor's buying a Roli Seaboard now...excited to see what happens!!! Wish the Roli 3d touch app would output MPE...