SVG Templates
  • I've been playing around with the SVG import node for the last few days and have created a set of templates that might be useful for those interested in creating their own graphics. Attached is an SVG document with a selection of the frames and other elements from many of the Audulus components. In addition I've included an SVG file with marks that can be used to act as position indicators for the knob node. Insert the SVG node in your sub-patch, option-click and select the marks.svg file. Expose the marks and edit your UI to place the marks. You can copy and paste an SVG node but be aware that each copy points to the same SVG file and if you delete one, you will delete them all. If you need multiple different graphics, insert a separate SVG node for each one. Enjoy.
    Knobs with Bigger Marks.audulus
    Knobs with Marks.png
    514 x 315 - 19K
  • Very nice, that looks like just about everything!
  • Thanks, @biminiroad suggest I create some templates. They should help people get the scale correct.