Expert Sleepers ES-8 Audulus Module Template - Create your own custom Eurorack module!
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  • Ah, ty for the internal architecture explanation.
  • THANKS!!
  • I just recently bought a Moog Subsequent 37 CV, thinking it would be a good way to move into modular since it has the cv io. It is great but it pretty much broke my budget for a while.

    So I have been working on ipad using the moog as a midi controller. (

    But I would like to know if it is possible to use the cv outs on the moog to control audulus on the ipad. I currently have the moog and ipad connected to each other and to logic on my mac as audio and midi devices. This is through a Behringer USB/midi interface, which I assume is not dc-coupled.

    So what are the possibilities for sending the moog cv outs to audulus? Would the Expert Sleepers plugin allow me to do this?

    Sorry for the ramble but this is all fairly new to me and it takes a while to wrap my head around how to ask the question.

    Thank you.
  • @RobertSyrett, it's a Moog Subsequent 37 CV. Looks like a sweet rig. @bkbelton you will need some interface hardware capable of accepting the Moog's CV and Gate outputs and converting them via USB to the iPad. The Expert Sleepers ES-8 is exactly that. It is an 8 channel DC coupled USB interface which can pass both audio and CV signals. Since the ES-8 is a Eurorack module, you would also need a eurorack case and power supply. I don't have the budget for a eurorack system at the moment so I'll defer to others on the forum for recommendations. I don't know if anyone makes a stand-alone DC couple USB interface.
    Don't forget that you can already interface the Moog with Audulus by using MIDI CC messages and MIDI notes. Audulus can accept MIDI input on the keyboard node, knobs and triggers. No MIDI out yet, but it's coming.
  • @stschoen I am so jealous, that is the exact Moog that I want! Maybe next years tax return is already spent. :)
  • Funny, I started using Audulus, because I was frustrated by the routing limitations of the Sub 37, although it does sound great.
  • Thanks, everyone. Since I bought the sub37cv because of its modular io possibilities, I will bite the bullet and build a skiff when I can afford to. In the meantime I will try to learn how to send the midi out from the moog to audulus.
    @Zjenji - it is a lot of fun, and pretty deep, but not a lot out there yet on integrating it with modular yet.
    What a great forum!
  • The people out there with the sub37cv and modular seem to have started with or already have modular systems and got the moog to interface with them - see sequenox for example (
    ). I am starting from the other end.
  • Loopop has a useful video on using the ES-8 with a computer. I think the same principles apply with an iPad.

    MOTU and some other companies make DC-coupled AD/DA interfaces, but there are some limitations he explains.
  • @bkbelton
    Your music is really nice! You've convinced me to buy Audulus.
    As for your interfacing issues, you might also want to look at the line of interfaces by iConnectivity. They would not solve your CV problem, but can route audio and MIDI between your iPad and your Mac.
  • Thanks, velocipede. Just found you on SoundCloud. I’m continually amazed at what I can do with just iPad now. Lived in Manoa for a few years. Why did I ever leave?