Value Distributor
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    394 x 518 - 73K
    Value Distributor.audulus
    Value Distributor Demo.audulus
  • you wanna recategorize this one as Expert Sleepers ES-8 Modules? Or do you have to build in the dac node switch for it to officially qualify?
  • @RobertSyrett - I can make a version for ES-8 sure!
  • @RobertSyrett and everyone else - there was a mistake in this patch I didn't notice until later, uploaded corrected versions!
  • What do you think about making an internal marker like ver.1.1 or something to differentiate? At any rate I replaced the module.
  • I would've done that if it'd been up for a while, but it's only been up for a day so figured meh just changed it.
  • @robertsyrett - didn't you make a newer version of this? I'm coming to it in the documentation and I feel like there was a version you made that was better.
  • It’s the STS Tiltotron. I will find the link when I get home.
  • This was the final version. It’s sine wave based and Robert added a scan function which moves a pulse across the selector. There were some simpler versions earlier in the thread
    Tiltatron M4.audulus
  • @RobertSyrett, Thanks for the initial idea! As I recall this started with a video of a eurorack harmonic tilt filter