Mapper as OSC
  • Hi,

    I'm trying to play with the idea of a mapper as a weird oscillator as opposed to simply modeling what we can do easily in analog but I'm running into the problem of some offset problem when the mapper loops... basically, the patch defaults to a high value with I set the osc driving the mapper to ramp.

    It's also not clear to me what are the x-axis limits. Is it 315, 320..

    Also, would the day arrive where we can modulate each point of the mapper? :-)

    I guess, as a feature request, could we load up a text file containing the mapping data? One can image using wavetables... :D Or smearing them...
  • I was using an Osc to something similar with the spline. I multiplied an Osc output by something like 320-380 to have it scan through the spline node at audio rate using a triangle wav and the set the slip be points to creat different waves.
  • Hi Dcramer,

    I believe I saw that patch. You were using it to do a PWM right? What really worries me is that currently it "clicks/pops" every time if goes through the loop. Hardly musical... :-)
  • Yup, I was able to eliminate that by keeping it from hitting and staying on the edges. Instead of looping I would have it centered and scanning back and forth without jumping by never using the sawtooth wave to scan.
  • It would be nice to be able to use a Spline sort of window with a pasted sample as the curve. Maybe that's better as an Osc anyway.
  • Hey @Hewpiedawg, welcome to the Audulus forum! Being able to paste samples right into the spline would be pretty cool. I'll try implementing that when I implement curved spline segments.

    - Taylor
  • Hi, @Taylor! Thanks! Pretty cool product you have. When I first bought the Mac Version, I was slightly disappointed at the feature set. You've kept adding more great features though, and it was awesome enough to I had to get the iPad version, which is the most fun to use, especially now with Audiobus support. Thanks for a great product!
  • And , oh yeah, the only thing I was disappointed in was the inability to modulate some parameters, and that has been addressed wonderfully. Can't wait for the expression mode! I'll probably completely abandon my Supercollider and Python pyo library experimentation.
  • @Hewpiedawg, thanks! Yep, Audulus has certainly come a long way. And I have a lot of great stuff planned :-)

    - Taylor