• Hi Folks,

    I wonder which kind of external soundcard are you using?
    The last 2,5 years i used a Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 in the studio which died and the repair costs are so high (almost 500euro) while it costs new 888euro. Now i m searching for a new one.. between 0-800 euro max.. it doesnt need to be a mixer with soundcard, cause i still have/use an analog mixer.
    but it wont be from presonus again cause their warranty is a joke... they want me to pay the repair costs while i still have warranty.

    So i wonder which soundcard are you using and which ones you recommend :)
  • @phal_anx What kind of instruments or mic set-ups are you looking to use? Or maybe, what did you decide to go with?
  • @RobertSyrett - meanwhile i got it repaired, cause thomann, where i bought it, decided to help me out and paid half of the costs.. they also said its strange that presonus said that its my fault that it stopped working..
    so my current setup is still the same as before..

    1x presonus studiolive 16.0.2 (used as soundcard and mixer)
    1x audix dp5-A Drum Microphone set (completely unused till now) :D
    1x shure sm58
    1x neumann tlm 103
    DAW: studio one v2

    @NatividStearns - service from presonus were a total joke but thomann saved me :D
  • Man, those are some nice mics! You record drums live I take it? Also, that tlm 103 is like a dream mic.
  • @RobertSyrett - this was actually the plan but when i started my business i didnt think that its so hard to get costumers (i was pretty naiv), cause some told me before they will come and do recording at my studio but afterwards never showed up.. so i could record drums but never did... the audix set was never used.. its still in its orignal state.. but i m going to use it soon when i m recording drums(which i borrow) to have some selfmade samples from real drums :D
    the shure and neumann i use to record voice and background effects for my tracks
    i also like those mics alot... we used them also in school
  • @Phal_anx Sweet! Real drums are kind of more magical, even when unconventionally recorded. I hope to hear some crazy drums sounds in your songs soon. BTW, what is your assessment of the elektron digitakt? Do you think they have anything to offer over a laptop running a daw?
  • @RobertSyrett - I´ll gonna hook you up with links as soon as i have something to show off :D

    as far as i understand it its basically very similar to a akai live (which costs around 1200euro).. so the digitakt is cheaper with less functions.. it can run as standalone without pc or you can sync it via midi to a daw or other hardware..
    but i didnt try it till now so i do not have more infos about it.. and its hard to have an opinion about something I didnt try :D