is there a way to select all nodes, on the ipad version
  • for copy/pasting into a patch, for example. or is there a way of saving AS a patch? are the kinds of questions I'm coming up with after a week of tweaking around. Sorry for the noobism of the questions, and hey everyone.
  • No worries! There isn't a Select All command on the iPad version (there is one on the Mac version). I probably should add one. Where do you think I should put it? I'm sort of running out of room on the button bar. Hmm.

    - Taylor
  • hmmm, three finger long touch around the relevant modules?
  • Interesting idea... what do you mean by the relevant modules?

    We could do a 3-finger long-press to select all... that's clever and I like how the three fingers implies "lots of stuff." My only concern is that it isn't all that discoverable, so it might be nice to have another way to do it, in addition to the long press.

    Its not as clever, but I could put cut, copy, paste and select buttons in a little edit menu. A little thing that would animate open/closed when you tap it, like in the Audiobus switcher you can tap on an app icon and some options open up. How does that sound?

    - Taylor
  • ok, by relevant modules I meant nodes.

    as far as discoverability, there's a bit of a word-of-mouth thing going on, in here, and such, which would make discoverability less of an issue. I reckon take the medium (multi-touch interfaces) as far as it can go, but I'm guessing the coding might be easier in the latter case (?(as you've already implemented something similar for the Audiobus switcher)). aaaand whatever the case, it's all pretty sexy.
  • The OmniGraffle approach might work here. A long press on the background of a patch puts you in a selection mode. Then when you drag all nodes enclosed by the drag rect are selected. Works very well.