StereoToMono is reversed
  • Hey, I found a tiny bug :-)
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  • It's counter intuitive but if you listen in headphones you will head that the it combined signal is actually in stereo. Actually I guess you have to plug it into the meter node and see that it is still two signals, because you need to split it back into mono before you can plug it into the speaker node. The cord is a little thicker when it's a stereo signal as well. I suspect it is set up that way to simplify your signal path if to channels are going through the exact same signal path so you don't have to make two of them.
  • Right-o, but the channels are swapped!
  • lol thanks for reporting this plurgid - this is a known bug :) Appreciate it!
  • Just figured out this is what broke my interlace stuff from a while ago. :)
  • One day this bug will be fixed, and then all the patches we made assuming they were reversed will stop working :)
  • ... and the world will explode. :-)
  • One simple fix would be to keep the output numbering intact and just change the labels.

    "Simple," in this case, means from an outside perspective, not knowing the long and grueling trail the code took to get to this place.
  • I tend to use the poly node, or otherwise work around never using the stereo/mono nodes. But that is only due to my utter laziness.
  • RobertSyrett: Do you know if there's a performance penalty for using poly instead of stereo/mono?
  • @jjtrhash - they're the same - I/O that has nothing going through it is not calculated. IMHO we should deprecate the poly/stereo thing and just have one node that expands from 2->x number of I/O you need.
  • Thanks for reporting this BTW!
  • OK, I'm just going to move to poly. Thanks!