User created sub-patches added to object browser
  • Could sub-patches be optionally added to a User category, with the ability to add sub-categories (folders) to organize sub-patches under this category? Long press sub-patch > select "add to library" > browse to folder > select folder or "create new" and select > choose "add to folder" and exit.

    I'm starting to create families of primitives, and I can tell that I'll be frustrated using them. I guess for now, I can have a template that I copy, that has all of my primitives in it - but that is going to get old quickly!
  • Hey waveterm, I like your "add to library" idea. That's a convenient way of expressing it.

    What if by selecting "add to library," Audulus creates a new patch in the patch browser with a special tag ("sub-patch" or something)? Then everything marked with the sub-patch tag appears in the list of user sub-patches. I'm not sure how to express categories of sub-patches though. Maybe sub-patch:category for the tag would work.

    I think that would be easy for me to implement because there wouldn't be any folders and I'm already planing on adding a patch tagging system.

    What do you think?

    - Taylor
  • I like the sub-patches tag idea.

    "categories of sub-patches"

    Do you mean the intersection of the set of objects with the tag "sub-patch" and the set of objects with, for instance, the tag "effects" or a user defined tag?
  • @Gordon, yeah, a simple implementation would just ignore the other tags and put all the sub-patches in one submenu of the node creation menu ("user patches" or some such). But that could get unwieldily, so it would be good to have a way of further categorizing them. Thoughts?

    - Taylor
  • I love this idea. As with many modular environments, the complexity of Audulus is both a strength and weakness. I love that it's got enough complexity to build your own pulse wave oscillator or slew generator, for example. Having those subpatches a few taps away would be a game changer in terms of workflow, especially on the iPad.

    Yeah, I could see the radial circle UI menu(?), posing a problem. For example, afta8 already has 11 "utility" subpatches, which is more than any of the current categories contain.
  • @weakmassive, maybe we could just have a simple syntax for deciding where the sub-patches are put in the menu:


    and as many levels of nesting you want (sub-patch:category:sub-category:sub-sub-category:...). Do you think it would be better to have a separate category ("sub-paches") or just allow the sub-patches to be added to the standard categories?

    - Taylor
  • hey Taylor, nice work, getting quite some jollies out of the audulus environment, thank you very much. subpatches, yeah!
  • @ubiquiphilia, thanks! And welcome to the forum!

    There's exciting things to come in terms of sub-patches :-) I think it will be really cool once we have a nice library of sub-patches that people have built. Each with customized knobs on the front panel (some discussion over here

    - Taylor
  • @taylor
    I think it's probably better to have a seperate "User" category where the subpatches can then be further organized into categories as the user sees fit. This is exciting indeed!