Bug in Plugin List
  • For some odd reason Rob Papen Plugin names, in the plugin list, are corrupted in terms of their names.

    Some of them are missing the first letter. Haven't seen this occur with any other plugin so far.. so it might well be RP plugin specific.

    I have attached a screenshot to demonstrate this minor graphical issue


    Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 11.55.27 AM.png
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  • Thanks for letting me know! Do the plugins still load?

    - Taylor
  • They do not load in the App Store version but they do open in the 'non sandboxed' version but interestingly enough, several of them are then missing from the list....

    I believe the difference between the two lists is that the app store version is showing 64bit and 32bit plugins.. whereas the 'non sandboxed' version is only showing 32bit plugins..

    Attached screenshot to show differences...

    Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 12.10.20 PM.png
    374 x 216 - 40K
  • Hmm. The non-sandboxed version should always be showing the same plugins.

    I made some changes to that code in 1.6, which is awaiting review with Apple. Once its released, would you mind letting me know if that helps? (I don't have the Papen plugins to test)

    - Taylor
  • I should also add that RP provides separate 64 and 32bit versions of some of his plugins (The ones that are missing from the list) and unfortunately they have the same name so theoretically you can only install one or the other and not both. However you can manually change the name I gather, of the 32bit versions to keep both installed at the same time. I have not tried this though as i tend to only run Logic in 64 bit mode.

    Request: 64bit version of Audulus please?
  • Taylor,

    Certainly.... I'll test and see what's what with the newer version when it is released... I'll also keep an eye on any other plugins that demonstrate the same problem but so far it only seems to affect RP's stuff. I'll contact Jon at RP and make him aware as it could be something awry his end too....


  • 64 bit is definitely on the map. I've been incrementally working toward it - a couple months ago I switched to a 64-bit compatible file format. Now I just need to eliminate the remaining vestiges of 32 bit stuff lurking in the code :-)
  • Thanks Nigel. I'm guessing these problems are mostly on my end, but if you could tell Jon that Audulus is really the first sandboxed audio unit host and refer him to this Apple tech note, that would be awesome:


    - Taylor
  • Consider it done Taylor...

    and thanks for the update on the 64bit version.. Excellent!