Vanishing cables!
  • Hello, I've been enjoying Audulus for iPad with one problem--I'm losing patches. Today I just lost another one, suddenly half my cables turned black (only 'visible' if they go over other cables) and my patch was useless.. Tried reloading it and it crashes Audulus on bootup. I've been losing a few patches this way, suddenly the cables turn black and then it's too late, even going back in the undo won't fix them. You have to rewire the entire patch, sometimes by the time you get to the end, cables are turning black again.

    Running newest release of Audulus for iPad.. on an iPad 4, typically in Audiobus for processing (recording in Multitrack DAW)
  • Also what other information can I add that might be helpful.. the patches in question were made originally in previous versions of Audulus.. a couple of them are very long feedback chains (with a lot of modulated pitch shifting/delay in them)..
  • Hey ShaneTurner, I know the problem. Bad numerical values can pop up and then propagate throughout the patch. Can you send me the patches via email? ( Its a bug, and I can guard against this happening.

    Sorry about that!
    - Taylor
  • I find that when this happens you have to delete the affected nodes and replace them. Filters, delay, reverb, and outputs can be affected if they are connected to the dreaded lack cables.
    Crazy huge number used to always crash the Osc nodes but its been much better in recent version.