Analog Random Number Generator
  • Digitally-created randomness comes from an algorithm that begins with a seed value. This is why you can change the seed value of the random node. But there are instances where true randomness would be useful in Audulus.

    True randomness is usually created in a computer by using a single transistor in a noise configuration and sampling that. I just realized we could simulate that in Audulus a different way.

    To make an analog random number generator inside Audulus, it seems all you'd have to do is have an audio input with a guitar cable that's not plugged into anything that's creating some noise, and a sample & hold grabbing values from that.

    This just occurred to me while watching a video on strange attractors.

    Hope this is a useful idea for someone!
  • @RobertSyrett @demcanulty figured this would interest you with ES-8 stuff...
  • Yeah, good point!