Problems with the Timer in Polyphonic Mode
  • Hi,

    Perhaps this is a bug or maybe something I just don't know enough about. I'm using the keyboard node's velocity to set off the timer in polyphonic mode.

    When I hold down a single note, all eight timer instances freeze at a series of numbers close to zero. When I release the note the timer is set off down all eight channels. It seems like only one of the timers should be triggered by playing a single note, (as happens in mono), unless a chord is played, when the number of timers triggered should correspond to the number of notes in the chord.

    Am I right to expect this? If yes, is there a bug?

  • Could be that the timer isn't compatible with the poly node?
    Not all nodes were and Taylor has been fixing that.
  • @animaldj, it is indeed a bug! Sorry about that!

    Its straightforward to fix and I'll have it fixed by the next version (due out in a couple weeks). Thanks for letting me know!

    - Taylor
  • Thanks. Really enjoying the app.
  • Glad you're liking Audulus! By the way, I've already fixed the issue on my end, so the fix will definitely be in the next version :-)

    - Taylor