How do I create sub-patches on iOS?
  • The only mention I can find in the Help refers to the "file menu", which does not (apparently) exist in the iOS version. I spent a good couple hours looking for it. So either creating a patch is too subtle for my tired old eyes, or it is missing from the roadmap TBD list. I only have the iOS version, so I cannot do this from my Mac.

    Thanks for the help!

    - David
  • Put your thumb on the five-circles icon and tap a blank part of the screen. Tap on Utillities.Tap on Patch.

    To enter the patch, double-tap on it. To exit, tap on the exit icon.

    HTH. :-)
  • There are some great examples of sub patches here on the forum. In the latest version you can make the sub patches polyphonic. Using the copy paste feature you can grab any sub patch you want and start building.
    Good luck.
  • Thanks for clearing that up. I was this close! but too subtle was the choice :). Why I could not find it was because I was looking for a "save as patch" or "convert to patch". Now I know I have to either start off knowing I want to create a patch, or copy/paste into it, if I have a top level design I want to convert. No biggie.

    I also now know how I keep track of patches is up to me to put them into a top level page, like the afta8 collection (thanks muchly, btw). No app supported gathering of subpatch types.

    Any chance of going hierarchal, or project-oriented? Already a linear search through the patches is taking a while and most of them are not mine (so far). Perhaps a list box format with just the titles, possibly with tags if not subfolders?
  • Hey @dwarman,

    My apologies for the flaw in the documentation! I'll fix up the section for the Patch Node.

    Regarding dealing with lots of patches: my plan is to add a system of tagging for the patch browser. So each patch could be given a set of tags, and then you can filter by tag. I think we'll get a lot of mileage out of it relative to it being fairly easy for me to implement. I'm happy to entertain other options though :-)

    - Taylor