Eurorack Patch Presets with Audulus and the Expert Sleepers ES-8
  • Video! Video! Video!
  • Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 1.30.01 AM.png
    1920 x 1080 - 283K
  • It's been a couple months since there was a proper video :)
  • Man, I can't wait to be able to use an audio device like that! Any updates on beta testing or release schedule for the version with more than two channels out? Still on hold for file system updates?
  • I'm kind of twiddling my thumbs also. It sure will be fun when the time comes.
  • Well, at least, hooray for thumbs! A genuinely under appreciated but valuable part of my life, thanks Robert :) Also, thanks, remembering I'm not the only one excited and waiting reminds me I just gotta make do with what I have right now :)

    Also I picked up one of those Doepfer PLL modules tonight, this thing is a blast. I didn't even know they existed before your pll thread :) They really brought out a lot of interesting controls. I couldn't find a schematic anywhere, so I'm looking forward to figuring out their circuit one of these days.
  • @demcanulty Feel free to post any PLL sonic experiments on sound cloud to further the cause of science ;^)
  • Here's a sound sample!

    Drums are sampled.

    3 separate synths - 2 at first, then a lead comes in later.