Z8000 clonelike module
  • Well, it's clonelike, with added bits. S&H as an option, which is left on and a bpm linked divided clock to assist with resets and reverses etc. The timing system's ok but needs updating which should be simple enough but I need to get a knob to count 1 2 4 8 16... etc 1^k doesn't work, anyone know of a way?. I set in a built in reset for the sequencers, quite a long period of time, bpm/256 but I'm not really sure on this setup yet, it maybe best to reset from the patching input otherwise it can take a while for it to sync up again but once you've got the sequencers going tho, it's all good, I think. Another thing - when people refer to giving this device a clock signal, is that gate or is hz..? Well, I used hz, so feed the clock inputs hz and it will take it over independently. It will need a gate patched in for the sample and hold if you want it tho. Am thinking about adding a sequential switch as well, might be a nice addition. I don't know what the real thing is like I read the manual and watched the vids, but I can't really tell how it compares so would be interested to know.

    Edit. I should mention that the knobs out put a 2 octave range but I just feed it in to a quantizer and it's fine.
  • Very nice layout. I look forward to giving this a try :)
  • here's a quick demo - add some modulations to the quantizers in there.
  • ....One more thing.. if you use a sequencer externally, turn off the track because otherwise the auto reset comes around every bpm/256 which maybe a bit much, I don't know yet or how I can make it better. It's ok tho It would be good to see what people think..
    A8000 demo.audulus
  • Yep, just one more thing to fix. multiplying by 2^k is not good there I don't think.. I need 1 2 4 8 16... to 512 or 1024 to get in to audio rate. Does anyone know the formula?

    Edit: Oh man, I think it's ok.... Try starting with the knobs low and slowly bring them up ;)
    a8000 maths.jpg
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  • I has Sequencer 1s mod routed to seq 2s gated instrument and vice versa there in that demo, here it is again
    A8000 demo2.audulus
  • wow ... thats a very nice tool! played around with it a little bit :D
  • Ha, thanks, that's a better patch to put it in.
  • Definately external sample and hold for the 2 main sequencers next..
  • I've done a better demo was to exhausted after building it... I'm just learning modular and after building this, have a better understanding and realize that sample and hold are done with a different tool, so I'll finish this best I can for now, including working out a better way of patching inputs to avoid unintended connections and do a stripped down version later. Any feedback would be welcome.

    @Phalanx, I'm just looking at your setup and mixer, a real eye opener, will be taking a closer look at that later.
  • Timing issues - fixed
    No reset issues - Internal reset removed, resets are patched as they should be.
    S&H taken out, shouldn't have been there.

    So it's slimmed right down, closer to what it's supposed to be, and a lot less complicated inside. I'll leave it like this for now. No frills demo to show it works ;)

    A8000 demo.audulus
  • Fun watching the evolution of this one :)
  • I would have put it in the "enthusiastic beginners" forum if there was one. I learned more about modular as I built it. It probably should run with gates instead of Hz, the next one will, the penny's dropped on that one. Next time I'll make sure it's finished first too. On to learning techniques first...

    @Robert - I found a bug in your Bohor. on the last of the four main blocks in there, are connections from probabilty 5&6 rather than 7&8... I was using it while trying out some techniques and came up with a version of Bohor with a second loop, the 2 loops can be put against each other with the probability scale. For the second loop press mon2 button to monitor that channel, then when you;re happy with both loops, press prob loop.

    Edit: It was missing a sample and hold in there, it's good now.
  • Awesome! I have to admit that weaving all those patch cords trips me up sometimes.
  • The 2 loop Bohor is not perfected yet, this one is better, I think, as it uses a different gate source for the S&H but I have an idea how to sort this out anyway and I'll spend a bit of time on in soon.

    Edit: Maybe the first one was better, not sure, I'll look at it later. The result is a satisfying transition between your chosen grooves I think by the way.
  • Very cool thanks for sharing Jimbo! Love to see the progress :)))