Even iPad 4 not powerful enough?
  • I just upgraded to an iPad 4 and the first thing I tried was Audulus, but even with all the new power heavier patches make the GUI very unresponsive :-(

    However, the app itself is just mindboggling. To create something similar to Reaktor for a tablet is a great achievement!
  • Hey @Bluetwo, welcome! I have some big optimizations in the works that will help iPads run the bigger patches :-)

    Is the GUI unresponsive after loading the patch? All the big patches will load on my iPad 3, they just take a while to load (I'm working on that too).

    - Taylor
  • What I have noticed is that when the patch contains a lot of visual elements then there is a lag in touch response. For example in Dcramer's EventHorizonAdditiveSynth patch, even after completely loading the GUI often lags when trying to make connections, play notes or simply move around in the patch. The odd thing is that CPU usage sticks around 0.13-0.15, so I'm assuming graphical optimization is what we need. I'm able to play the patch fine via virtual MIDI.
  • @Bluetwo — This may be stating the obvious (everyone here knows Audulus better than I do), but I found out that using another app or external keyboard to play Audulus is the way to go. It responds beautifully when I play it from Magellan, for instance, and that is even with several of Magellan's effects units working on the Audulus output (of course, you need to have Audiobus in order to use Magellan's effects, but to use it, or Sunrizer, SoundPrism, or whatever as a MIDI controller without Audiobus works like a charm on the biggest patches I have, and I'm still using an iPad 2). I still use Audulus's, or an external keyboard, while building or modifying a patch, of course. I sincerely hope that is helpful. Many here have been such a big help to me, I'd like to think I can help somebody too. Just tell me to shut the hell up if I've just wasted your time.
  • Yes, like I said earlier, actually using a patch for performance via virtual MIDI is not an issue. It's when I'm creating and modifying complex patches that things start to get hairy (but still reasonably manageable). The upcoming sub-patches with external controls should alleviate this problem a little.