Hold Sequencer
  • v012d EXP (beta)

    - external sequencer with note inputs
    - 2 lightweight - lower cpu external sequencers
    Hold Seq v012d EXP.audulus
    2732 x 2048 - 1M
  • Warning to all the serious musicians out there. Last week I lost control of my iPad. I’m not sure if it was Apple or some app, but it took over. It started opening other apps moving things around. It wasn’t the rain or anything for sure. I recommend that you use your device offline and leave it offline for good if you are doing serious work that you want to keep secret.

    I want to form strategies on how to fight this. It’s not cool. I have a few ideas. 1: Leave your device offline forever. 2: Leave your device offline until you are done your song, copyright your song, and then format your device. 3: Pull the modem out of your device. 4: Put a hardware switch between the modem and the motherboard, and then format your device.

    If anyone is savy with security, hardware, or software (permanently deleting stuff), please reach me at eallas@hotmail.ca or respond here.


  • Right now I still use Audulus for educational purposes, but I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole for serious stuff.
  • I’m also thinking about getting meters that can sense data transmission as well. I don’t trust these software buttons.
  • My thoughts about ensuring a permanent delete would be to format (factory reset), refilling your device to the max (256gb/256gb), and formatting again. I don’t know if that’s overkill, but it shouldn’t take more than an hour or so (I’m guessing). The only catch would be if there is additional memory somewhere.
  • The modem looks tiny! Probably can’t solder it. And Apple would probably freak out. So maybe a small lead shield to cover it on both sides? Something like fishing sinkers cut and carved out (dust masks) to wrap around.
  • In step 10 you could probaby put a switch between each antenna. I doubt they could detect that. Easy to do as well. I wonder how much of the signal would be left without the antennas. Maybe you wouldn’t have to bother with the lead shielding.