Anyone used Audulus with the G2M guitar-to-midi app by Sonus?
  • It works pretty well with Animoog, but response could be better... I know the extent of the patch affects the response - perhaps I could create smaller patches in Audulus that would track faster.
  • I actually bought the G2M, but I don't think I got around to trying it. Thanks for reminding me! By response, do you mean the pitch tracking latency? I think that would depend on G2M's tracking, not Animoog.

    - Taylor
  • Latency and accuracy. Every synth I've tried so far has responded differently to G2M input, with Animoog the best so far. Garage Band responds differently on every keyboard - none very well. Jam Origin's Midi didn't work well for me. I haven't gotten into Audulus yet.
  • I think Midi Guitar has the best tracking, it tracks best in mono mode but will actually track chords as well.
  • Watch out for the guitar-to-midi converter outputting pitch bend messages, it can be very easy to generate a ton of them when converting a string instrument like a guitar. Yeah you have frets but you also have finger pressure, it may simply be a case of thinning out or removing them altogether.