• Hello ya'll

    i'm a Audulus newcomer (got it 5 days ago)
    but i've been playing with it a lot,
    and i designed a whole drumkit from scratch
    (except the Cymbal, that i just got from the
    module section and i tweaked it a little)

    i used @afta8's drum sequencer
    cause it's dope, and he said that
    he was looking for drum patches

    i hope you'll like it

    Capture d’écran 2017-04-04 à 18.28.31.png
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  • wow @nomak! Very funky!

    Just a tip - if you go to Edit-->Clear History before you upload a patch, that could dramatically reduce its size!
  • oh ok ! thanks for the tip

    i'm uploading the drumkit alone too
  • That's dope and fun to play around with.. doesn't look like a sequencer I made though!
  • Wonderfully crisp and useful drum sounds!
  • thanks Robert ! that was the point, making drums that everybody can use,
    and can fit in a mix easily

  • Wow, that's really fun to play with!
  • WiCKED, love these.. so clean and simple and tight.. my favorite drum sounds from Audulus thus far

    Good Work
  • thanks guys !
  • That sequencer is really nice for exploring that 260 Drum Machine Patterns book that was posted earlier:

    It really shows the strengths of these new computer music programs over the history of human music, now you can just build an instrument that's in the right shape for the project you're working on. There are some things for which that's really helpful!
  • @Nömak I was enjoying working with your sequencer and made some mods for my explorations. This version ANDs the clock with the output, so every output retriggers if multiple positions are on in a row. I also broke out the clock so you can sync multiple sequencers, and added a single step function. It was very helpful for me to explore the design, I'm still getting used to Audulus, this was fun! Figured I'd share it back in case anybody else wanted to pick it up and do their own thing with it.
  • Very neat.
    I am new to audulus aswell. I added seperate step knobs for each strip. Very useful in creating polyrhythms. It was mainly copy-paste work, but it took me one full day. I had not figured out even how to select a group of nodes and patches.
  • I see it consumes a lot of cpu. Perhaps the architecture is not the most efficient. Imdid an 8 strip version though, for saving some cpu
    seq-retrigger-polyrhythmic.8 strips.001.nh 1.audulus
  • this is actually brilliant, thanks guys !
    loving the polyrhythmic version @ErlindBasha
    do you think you could implement accents
    or CC values for each steps in a ergonomic way ?
  • Well, as I said, I lack bits of basic knowledge of using audulus. I am learning fast though. I shall defenitly be productive in the future.
  • Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 8.37.27 AM.png
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  • well, noted sir !