• Are there any Axoloti users here? Just got mine delivered today and interested if any users have translated Audulus designs over, I will be attempting this over the weekend. Overall looks like it will complement Audulus quite well for me..
  • i saw alot vids about axoloti.. i thinking about buying it.. so please let me know after testing if it is worth the money :)
  • Depends on what you want to get out of it.. I don't think it can compete with Audulus in terms of ease of patching, however it does let you easily code your own modules using C/C++ which I have been interested in, it also seems a nice introduction into building custom hardware synths etc..

    Its early days for me a the moment but I think my most likely workflow will be to create new ideas/prototypes in Audulus and then translate interesting ones to Axoloti for a hardware setup.

    If it is worth the money is subjective, it is quite cheap for what you get but is more of a luxury than essential IMO
  • i was interested in building a custom hardware synth with axoloti.. i know that its possible to do that... what i didnt know is that i could also code my own modules which is a nice touch :)

    how about sound quality? as i cant/wont trust yt vids in case of the sound quality..
  • Nice! Upload a pic/video when you get a chance? I know some people DIY their own enclosures for those...
  • @Phal_anx, sound quality is much like with Audulus, it depends on the quality of the patch.. there are a bunch of band limited oscillators and a range of filter types, as with Audulus you get what you make out of it.

    I've just been messing around with some of the factory and community content and recorded a couple of demo's, one is me noodling with a Karplus patch and the other is a Generative patch from the library, might give you some idea:
  • @afta8 - thanks for the sound samples :) sounds nice!
  • @afta8, those are really great, can you describe a bit more of what's going on, are you sending signals into the axoloti or is that all internally generated? The subtleness of the generative one is especially beautiful.
  • @demcanulty, for the generative one I am simply loading the patch from the community library and running it.. The other one I am just sending midi notes.. simple stuff really
  • Cool, nice patch, I love those simple waveforms in the background with the frequency modulation and the delay.