Yer-Rack Eurorack Showoff Corner
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  • Just won a copy of Audulus via the Ipad Musician FB group :) Here is my current eurorack system.
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  • I just started dabbling recently.. this is mine at the moment. The Mother32 and Roland modules aren't actually racked, but they're part of the system so I included them for reference.
  • Getting the new ADC and DAC modules has caused me to stop trying to build and buy new modules and get down to business making music. The motu outputs in the middle of this picture come out of the white module up top, which amplifies them to eurorack range. The black modules at the bottom are a PAiA synth which was the first thing I built/acquired for this rack. I'm really enjoying this wave folder module that a friend of mind made, and the Delptronics Triggerman driving the TipTop drum modules into the Synthrotek DLY, ECHO, and VERB units.

    Also, having a mixer on the outputs for panning and aux-send feedback loops is really nice. Those feedback loops can be great. No audulus in this one, but I'm really pleased with where it's at and am working on expanding this one with Audulus integration.
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  • @demcanulty that's a pretty good looking rack! Those z3000 keep tempting me. Do you find knowing the hz ro be useful? Also, how does the synthrotek DLY compare to, for example, the moog bucket brigade delays?
  • @RobertSyrett

    Thanks! I'm just kind of new into this, so it's a bit of a hodgepodge, the Pittsburgh module I borrowed from work because it needed some repair, and several of the modules I got off of craigslist because people were letting them go inexpensively. A friend of mine loaned me his synth and he had two of those z3000 units. At first I thought they looked kind of silly with their readouts, but I was really impressed by all the sync and modulation options, so when Waveformless in Oakland said they were willing to sell me their old units for 200 each, I decided to pounce on it. The frequency counter display isn't crucial, and it's a little slow to catch up to the actual settings, but it's kinda handy when you just want to look up and see if the frequency is moving around or if it's stable.

    The synthrotek DLY, ECHO, and VERB all use the PT2399 chip, which is digital but it has a pretty nice analog sound. I don't know the moog delay pedal personally, but I'm a bit of a delay aficionado and I quite like their sounds. You can get some nice goopy trails when you change the delay time. For a good insanely cheap bucket brigade, it's hard to beat the behringer vintage delay. I might try to do a hack job and put one of those into a module one of these days and then do a side by side comparison. also, on the synthrotek modules, I think DLY is better than ECHO, I think it's just as good with more options. Their kits are pretty fun and a nice discount from the premade units.
  • I love waveformless too. They fixed my sub 37 when the keybed was broken and let me mess around with the minimoog and macbeth that looks like an arp 2600. I forgot that they have one of my paintings in a little frame in the shop, that really tickled me the last time I was in there.

    I didn't quite catch that the DLY was "bucket-brigade style" for "analog-sounding" delays. It still sounds like a good piece of kit, but I already have a chrono blob digital delay and another digital delay would be hard to justify. I currently have a moog minifooger analog delay pedal that sounds amazing, and it pretty much stays attached to my pittsburgh in/out module. Let me know if you have any success hacking up a behringer vintage delay, I may follow your footsteps.
  • Awesome, I'll keep an eye out for that painting! Will let you know if I do anything with the bbd board. I'm traveling in the second part of this week, so no fun soldering projects for at least another week.
  • Really enjoying looking at everybody else's gear and thinking about it, neat thread!
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