• I thought I would start a thread about the general topic of sculpting waveforms since that's one of my favorite things to go in Audulus. Here is a module that wave folds just the top or bottom of a waveform by multiplexing the wave into two signals and then back again after the wave folding happens.
    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 4.13.48 PM.png
    1154 x 423 - 94K
    Bicameral Multiplier.audulus
  • Nice! A bunch of wavefolding modules have been dropping recently too - will check this out soon - thanks for sharing!
  • @macromachines has LOTS of waveshapers
  • thanks for sharing! this is great :)

    I work on a waveshaper myself aswell... still not completed but you can make nice sounds with it...
    Waveshaper (unfinished).audulus
  • @phal_anx that's a pretty crazy wave shaper! Looking forward to see where you take it.

    I am starting work on a generic wave-shaper based on the multiplexing I started using in the bicameral multiplier.
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  • @RobertSyrett - Thanks :)

    I orignially started to clone the Wave Boss by Abstract Data but ended up doing my own thing... meanwhile i implemented a dry/wet knob and i try to get better waveshapes.. or more different waveshapes.. but its already nice to have 3 different ones who can be combined and modulated aswell.. still not sure where i end up after finishing it :D
  • >still not sure where i end up after finishing it

    With something that sounds crazy!

    Speaking of which, I proudly present the Wave Bender!
    Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 5.10.26 PM.png
    810 x 469 - 59K
    RHS WAVE BENDER.audulus
  • :) nice tool!

    here is some very interesting explanations about
    Arbitrary Waveforms
    Quasi-Gaussian Noise
    Frequency Sweep
    Attributes of AC Signals
    Signal Imperfections
    Ground Loops..

    found it just now while searching for waveshaping explanations / formula´s ..

    http://rfmw.em.keysight.com/spdhelpfiles/33500/webhelp/US/Content/__F_CH5_Tutorial/Waveform Generation Tutorial.htm
  • Wow that's really neat!
    Never seen this technique before, my imagination is running wild!
  • @plurgid, I'd love to hear what you come up with!
  • working again on some waveshapers ... which i found on "musicdsp.org"
    waveshape wip.audulus
    1022 x 747 - 140K
  • I like it! except that (1+k)*x/(1+k*abs(x)) can be reduced to x/abs(x) which is 1 through -1. So that is always the same as the original signal.

    I really like the sound of the simple sin(x) wave folding. It doesn't look as crisp on oscilloscope but it's a little more mellow on the ear.
  • i like alot the simple sin(x).. i didnt even think on such a simple wavefold :D