ADE 31 Logic Boss
  • Working on the Logic Boss but i stuck.. i tried to connect every logic gate which is discribed in the manual but somehow it wont work. It would be much appreciated if someone of you is interested to help out. :)

    video from abstract data:


    1019 x 742 - 112K
    Aether - (LogicBoss clone).audulus
  • You might take the approach of creating internal modules which are just portions of the module, those are typically easier to debug. Similarly you can attach light nodes to every output along the signal path to see if you have made an error somewhere.

    Gotta love Abstract Data! I really need to save up for one of their modules.
  • I think i got it now... it reacts from the lights/outs same as in the video :)

    btw i always use lights/meters and value to see how it reacts when i do something while building moduls ;)

    yea their stuff looks and sounds nice... as soon as i start building a eurorack synth i will def add something from abstract data..
    Aether - (LogicBoss clone).audulus