Audulus Chip Library for Electronics Designers
  • I'm cloning some basic chips( - like, right now, I'm doing the 7400, which is just 4 NAND gates in a package.

    I'm doing this because I have a suspicion that Audulus can be used as a great tutorial for building and designing electronics. For example, I looked over the Pong schematic and realized that it's possible to recreate it on a circuit level in Audulus (especially with a new type of visual node @taylor described to me - release date TBA, but not with 3.0).

    Audulus is and always will be intended for audio use, but I mean, look at people who use Minecraft to build graphing calculators (puts the Antikythera mechanism to shame).
    If you can build stuff like this in Minecraft, surely much more is possible in Audulus (and easier to do).

    So, if you're interested in this kind of development and familiar with electronics, I'd love your help! I'm going to have a complete library of basic logic chips that are 1:1 analogs of their real-world counterparts. I'm also working on lookup tables and "virtual RAM" that work as closely to the real thing as possible.

    The idea here is that, if you have some electronics knowledge and can parse what's made extraneous by default (like power supplies), you could look at almost any schematic and recreate it in Audulus.

    Some of these patches may be far too big to run on an iPad, but who knows? Come on this journey with me and we'll find out together.

    Thoughts, comments, enthusiasm, and help are all welcome.
  • Sounds awesome! Let me know if you need help with anything in particular :)

    Check this out:
    Arithmetic Logic Gates.audulus
  • @karen I think this is a great idea - I've played around with ideas like this previously (out of homage to my digital design/microP undergrad classes) Is there some place you have a list of current chips?
  • Wow, that is a cool idea.
  • @karen I'd be interested in this as well if you're putting together a mailing list or anything. I might be able to test or contribute.
  • Wait you realize someone already did Pong for Audulus right?