Quantussy Emulation
  • I was asked to share this module. Here's my post about it. Note that it uses two other sub-patches that I created. You'll be able to open them.


  • Wow, well written and interesting article. Thank you for posting, and I enjoy the mellow drone of the patch.
  • Wow, thanks Pugix, this one looks like a good rabbit hole to explore... your site looks very interesting too, will be sure to check out your music later.
  • I just put it it on my board here... it's a phantom maestro.
    quantussy flipper board.audulus
  • That knob back to 32 again, don't want to cause an imbalance, I reckon they need a good computer number...

    ha, wrong thread.
  • Only discovered this now – looks very interesting. Nice drone!
    Pleased to see that you have a site – looking forward to exploring that a little more.