CPU Load meter location and ADSR node (iPad)
  • Hey, @ZenLizard, good point about the CPU load. I've been thinking of moving it over to the left side under the buttons so it isn't obscured by the keyboard. Right now, there isn't much difference when notes are sounding or not, but that will change in the future as I optimize Audulus more :-)

    For the ADSR: I think you can increase the attack amplitude by reducing the sustain level, but then increasing the overall output with a level node. The slopes could be customized by running the ADSR's value output through a mapper, I think, though you can't individually control the attack curve and the release curve that way. I'll think about how to add UI for that.

    Good suggestion about the crossfade node. It would be good for it to be more full-featured :-)

    - Taylor
  • @Taylor — I was actually thinking about decreasing the attack level relative to the sustain, not increasing it, to create a volume swell. I tried using a filter but it changes more than just the volume. Maybe afta8 or Dcramer will not be sick of me yet and will give me a suggestion. Conceptually, I can see how a mapper could do it, but I'm still not very clear with the mapper or the spline nodes, so I don't know how to accomplish it. I'm sure I'll get them at some point, but right now I've not been able to do anything with either of those two nodes. The good news is that I understand and can use every other node now, which is a lot more than I could say five days ago.
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  • @afta8 — Thank you! This is one of the best forums around thanks to you and others here who have been extremely helpful. I've learned in a week what would probably have taken a month or months on my own.