Delay and Reverb Knob Adjustment Produces Crackle in Audio
  • On some patches, adjusting knobs on the delay or reverb effects causes a crackling sound in the audio on iPad 2. I thought maybe I was clipping or maxing the CPU (that's what it sounds like), but neither seems to be the case — I've checked the stream, post effect, with each of the meter types and kept an eye on the CPU meter. What else might be causing it? I am concerned only because I hope to automate or modulate the parameters of these effects in some patches when it's possible to do so. (If I understand correctly, it isn't possible to do this presently).
  • I am certain that Taylor is working on an update that will address this. You will be able to modulate any knob without the clicking zipper effect. It will be perfect for chorus/flanger patches.
    I think there's a thread up here somewhere about it.
  • Yep, 1.10 should fix it :-)
  • I just started using and Audulus is already at 2.7.1. I've heard this sort of zippering before. As a long time Nord Modular user (G1 and G2), I've fixed this by putting in a slew limiter. I forget the actual module name but that's the function it serves. As a brand new Audulus user, I have not heard this type of artifact. Even if I never hear it from Audulus, I'd still like to see a slew limiter node some day if it doesn't already exist. I'm still learning what nodes are available.


  • The issue with the knobs and noise was indeed fixed in version 1.1
  • And you can use a basic Lowpass filter node as a slew, just set the value very very low!
  • A small correction. I learnt this trick from DCramer so I believe he meant to say, not very very low, but very very close below 1. The closer the value is to 1 the longer the slew time.
    So take an LPF node and set the max to .999999 and the min to .9999 and it becomes a slew node.