VCO location
  • Hello,

    I am a newbie to both Audulus 3 and to modular synthesis. With that being said, I've been watching some of Mark's tutorials on YouTube trying to slowly get up to speed. In the Module Library Tutorial, Mark creates a VCO. However, I can't seem to find a VCO type oscillator in the iOS version I'm using on my iPad.

    Would anyone know where it is located?



  • Which video is this in reverence to? Please provide link.
  • Hi Robert,

    It's in this video:

    The VCO is selected at minute 1:51.



  • So what is going on is that the tutorial is from Audulus 3.0 and we are on Audulus 3.3.2 and the module library as well as the system for finding them has been overhauled a couple of times. I guess they thought the regular oscillator was basically the same exact thing and removed that module? The 4-channel mixer and bass-ic sequencer look pretty different these days as well. Anyways I remade it for you so that you can open it up and see how you might create such a module yourself.

    Fun tip that really opened up Audulus to me was that you can connect sources of modulation to knobs, so every knob is basically an input :)
    loop289 VCO.audulus
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  • Thank you so much!!!!