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  • Very nice! What MIDI controller are you using with your FH-1? I kind of wondered how the FH-1 knows where to map the outputs.

    I recently bought a used Intellijel Atlantis (instead of a new SV-1), but it had a broken switch so it's back at Intellijel getting fixed. I'm looking forward to using Audulus and the Eurorack to make some Morton Subotnick style abstract compositions.

    Eventually I would like to make separate simple voices with interconnected modulations with generative and repeating sequences playing on them. The sort of simple polyphonic counterpoint modular is good at. So I am looking to have 3 or 4 analog synth voices with Audulus as the hub for modulations and sequence switching.
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  • @robertsyrett - the FH-1 just works with most stuff - I plug in my QuNexus and I get 1vpo at the top input and a gate beneath it. There's all the info on his website though. With Audulus, we'll be able to define what's going to the I/O.

    Atlantis - nice! Those are great.

    Nice patch too! Love the use of the spring and the aesthetic you're building for your modules is great!
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  • Many thanks! The build podcasts are great inspiration, plus all those videos of cool modules at NAMM give me lots of ideas to try out. My next module buy is probably going to be a sputnik modular 5-step sequencer for extra west-coast action. If I could just buy whatever? It would look like the attached image. How do you insert images into a post, BTW?
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  • @biminiroad MMG! It's a Multimode Gate with resonance. I really like the sound of it too, pretty much a SEM type filter with sweepable mode (although no band pass). Plus it can be used as a simple 2 channel summing mixer, and works as a VCA. Like a lot of the Makenoise modules the panel design is equal parts artwork and information. I do have to admit that I am not super into different filter nuances. I like the Moog Lowpass and I like the SEM filter mostly for the sweepable mode knob, but really don't care for squelchy acid sequencing 24/7. But yeah, check out the MMG

    The Idea behind that modulargrid screen cap was that the system would go into one of those big suitcase style cases ( where the top two rows are vertical and have two-four complete tonal voices on the left and a crazy drum machine on the right. The horizontal section has a row for signal processing and modulation sources, with the bottom row being dedicated to performance sequencers and CV utilities.

    I love modular grid, it's such a good way to learn about different modules while alleviating GAS by vicariously spending. My actual rack is going to be infinitely more modest and rely on Audulus and a ES-8 for most of the functionality that I don't have with any given patch.
  • Lol I love the white gloves.
  • This rules so hard

  • Yeah I saw that too! Pretty post apocalyptic construction but it sounds great.
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