Newbie recommendation: Buy Audulus for Mac OS or iOS?
  • Hi everyone!

    I'm excited about giving Audulus a try but I can't decide — would I be happier buying it for iOS or the Mac OS? I have the latest generation iPad Pro and Mac Book Pro. I guess I'm wondering, with your experience which platform would you say it integrates the best with and was designed for?

    With either platform I'll be integrating it with Expert Sleepers gear, and if I go with the Mac OS I might be using it alongside Ableton Live.

    But which way would you start with if you were me?

  • I prefer using the computer version because you can build bigger and more complex things faster (mouse+keyboard will always be faster than tap/drag). But you can't beat the portability of iOS for performance (and you can use Expert Sleepers ES-8 with iOS). However, if you're already using Ableton for performance, computer seems the way to go.

    If you have any more questions about Audulus in general, let me know! I'm here to help :) Have you checked out the ES-8 videos I've been doing?
  • Thanks for the reply!

    That's good to know, maybe I'll go with the Mac. Something about the interface looked like it was built for touch but if you think it will feel natural to edit on the desktop then I'll probably give that a try. I assume it's easy enough to exchange patches between the two if I end up switching?

    I have seen your ES-8 videos, thanks for posting them! I'll be using the ES-3 and ES-6 with the miniDSP USBStreamer:

    ...which I think should be a functional equivalent to the ES-8, so I'm hoping it will work just the same (I'm told that this setup works with other iOS audio apps).

    I understand as well that Audulus currently only supports 2in and 2out from reading in other threads, so I'm hoping that will be improved upon later :)
  • Patches are cross-compatible with all versions - only limiting factor is the CPU/GPU size on some of the larger patches.

    And yes, any DC-coupled interface will work.

    And YES, Taylor is working on arbitrary I/O AND MIDI out now (so you could use an Expert Sleepers FH-1 as well!) :)
  • I have both versions and I prefer the mac to the iPad for patch construction, however I find both apps useful depending on what I'm doing at the moment. I think one can make a good argument for owning both, but if I had to choose it would probably be the mac version.
  • Over time, the desktop version (I have windows also) is easier to build on because of the additional screen real estate and not having to deal with the in/outputs closing up when you are zoomed out.