recognizing audio inputs & outputs
  • On the input side - Audulus is recognizing Soundflower but not Apogee Jam. So for stand-alone Audulus I am running my guitar into Garageband then outputting that to Soundflower.

    On the output side - sometimes after running for a little while, Audulus won't recognize Built-in Output (not even selectable as an option from Prefs).

    MacBook Pro quad-core i7 8GB RAM 500MB SSHD running Snow Leopard (hey it works great and I haven't fallen into any Lion or iOs 6 traps so make fun all you want)
  • That's certainly nicer than my machine :-). One thing to try is disabling the Apogee and Soundflower to verify that app works well with the built in audio, then start adding the pieces back in. Does that narrow it down?
  • Yeah, I used the Apogee Jam only to record a short audio track in Garageband, then just let Garageband loop it after that.
  • What I meant from my OP is that Apogee Jam does not even come up on the menu of input choices. And sometimes "Built-in Output" disappears from the menu of output choices.
  • Erik, have you tried the unsandboxed version? 1.5.2

    I've found that some audio drivers don't play nicely with Mac App Store apps.