Screen rendering issue on Mac 10.8.2
  • HI when i load patches using the latest version of Audulus on OS X 10.8.2, parts of the screens for not re-draw until i mouse over. Zooming in and out does not resolve the issue each time. Some blocks of nodes display the desktop wallpaper. It seems specific to the node rendering portion of the patch.
  • Sorry about that! Its a bug that I've known about for a while and I've spent a lot of time trying to pinpoint it or develop some sort of work-around. I'm fairly confident (though not certain) its actually a bug in Apple's graphics drivers.

    I have a Mac mini with the integrated intel graphics (keepin' it humble!) and I've never seen it. But on my old laptop with an ATI card, I would get the texture corruption sometimes when switching apps or leaving full-screen mode.

    Which machine and graphics card do you have?