Midi Note Generation
  • Would it be possible add midi generation capabilities in addition to the buttons and inputs. Coming from a MAX MSP world, I miss the ability to generate midi notes pragmatically... either via a simple 16 note sequencer than can affect freq, values, velocity, cutoffs etc. i.e module any knob :)

    I dont expect something like Max where a user needs build their own sequencer from scratch. Something user friendly like a simple grid with 16 columns and multiple rows that can be linked to specific knobs or Node inputs would be great. A nice to have would be to be able to save/sequence such 16 note patterns.

    Great software!!!! thanks inadvance

  • Hey @dysf, welcome and thanks! What do you think of the Audulus 1.10 beta, which allows connections to knobs? http://forum.audulus.com/discussion/113/audulus-1-10-mac-public-beta

    A 16-step grid sequencer would be really cool. There's the Seq16 node, but its not terribly user friendly.

    So with the knob-connections and a user-friendly grid sequencer, would that do the trick?

    - Taylor