Expert Sleepers ES-8: Interfacing Audulus with your Eurorack Modular
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  • the ES-8 is really well thought out. I hope I can get one this year.
  • Holy moly! I regret my life before this moment.
  • How do you manage USB devices like ES-8 in Audulus?
  • @RobertSyrett - if you plug it into iOS, it will just work. For computer, you set the system audio interface to the ES-8 - uploading my first video featuring it now!

  • This patch is meant to be used with an Expert Sleepers ES-8 DC-Coupled Audio Interface module. Send the sequenced bass to your favorite filter and then use the gate signal to trigger an envelope to modulate the bass filter.

    NOTE: If you open this patch without being connected to an ES-8, you will hear the bass hard panned to the left and a clicking noise on the right. This is the bass and clock signal - if you just want to listen to the bass, disconnect the clock and connect the oscillator to both audio outputs.

    Purchase one from Century Sound Labs and receive a copy of Audulus for free!
    ES-8 Acid Bass Sequencer.audulus
  • So there are more outputs listed in the utilities? Like I see that you use the speaker node for outputs 1 and 2 bur what about the other 6 outputs? Also That's a wonderful patch. I'm glad to see a video where Audulus is controlling outboard gear.
  • @RobertSyrett - Audulus is currently limited to 2 inputs and outputs, but Taylor is working on expanding it to arbitrary I/O. As you can see though there's still plenty you can do with just those two outputs! Wait till you see what you can do with Audulus as a throughput as well! :)
  • Indeed, I have a 8 in / 8 out Roland i/o and I would love to run Audulus signals through my Mooger Fooger pedals. The dream is to have Audulus control the CV as well, but sadly I don't have a DC coupled interface like the ES-8 just yet. I am still a little afraid that if I get a eurorack rig I will enter a vortex of credit card debit that I will never emerge from.
  • @robertsyrett - your interface will work OK for LFOs to modulate pedals and probably even gates - it would just be unusable for 1vpo signals. Try it out! :)
  • @biminiroad Really? I had been using the Expert Sleepers Silent Way plugins previously and could only get the gate output to work. Which was fun, but I love the cross-modulated LFOs! Time to try out Audulus and some Mooger Foogers.
  • @RobertSyrett - audio interfaces have DC filtering to prevent damage to speakers - they filter frequencies generally below 20hz - however, you can still get a *little* modulation out of them. Check out this video, with audio going out of Audulus through my UAD Apollo modulating a guitar pedal by Endangered Audio Research (another company I work for):
  • @biminiroad Any chance of some simple videos on how to set up the ES-8 and Audulus to send and receive cv data between to the two? I was a little confused when you mentioned having to go from the audio output of the iOS device also.
  • @Johnson - yes, I will - wanted to start out with a couple more eye-catching ones before getting down to the utilities.

    However, it's really very simple. There's actually nothing to set up other than plugging in your ES-8. If you have an iPad, you just need a camera connector to link up. Once you plug it in, the ES-8 is automatically used for the audio I/O. On computer, you may have to manually set it to ES-8 in/out if it doesn't change automatically. You'll have to monitor the sound from a cue send on your recording interface or from the modular itself. I use an UAD Apollo which allows you to monitor separately from what the system settings are.

    Also, what you may not be understanding is that "CV Data" is just audio - not something different. The trick of this module is that it is a DC-coupled audio interface instead of AC coupled.

    Most audio interfaces are AC-coupled, which prevents a DC offset being sent to the speakers, which would damage them over time.

    DC-coupled means you can send DC static voltages (like a 1vpo signal), in both positive and negative ranges, through the interface. To send an LFO out of Audulus you don't have to do anything fancy other than sending the LFO to the speaker node. I'm also going to be releasing an ES-8 Input/Output module set that has some convenient controls, like one that translates the octave "o" signal in audulus to 1vpo.

    an output of 1 from Audulus corresponds to 10 volts and an output of -1 from Audulus is -10 volts.

    Hope that clears some things up while you're waiting for the "set up" video. Let me know if you have any other questions! :)
  • Hi - I don't have an ES-8, but I tried this (at least an LFO from a m32) into my iConnectAUDIO4+ to sync my iPad. Worked great.

    One question I have - if I get the PC version (I would likely use the Linux version), does THAT version of Audulus see all of the ins/outs on the ES-8?
  • From @biminiroad Nov. 16 "Audulus is currently limited to 2 inputs and outputs, but Taylor is working on expanding it to arbitrary I/O. As you can see though there's still plenty you can do with just those two outputs! Wait till you see what you can do with Audulus as a throughput as well! :)"

    So not at the moment, but I really hope it'll be on an update soon. I do know that you can use Audulus as a DAW plugin and utilize your sound card's i/o bank but you have to set up a patch per a channel plus it's kind of CPU intensive. I really think that arbitrary i/o would be the biggest enhancement to Audulus at the moment.

    edit: well, that and midi out stuff.
  • disappointed i cant use more than two outs on my es8.. any news on when this may see the light?
  • @lionelfischer - Taylor's working on it now! He just ordered an ES-8 from Century Sound Labs to proto with it :) He's also working on MIDI out, so you'll be able to use an FH-1 with Audulus if you have that too.
  • I'll hopefully be getting an ES-8 any day now! Finally I will be able to tame and tune those pesky moogerfoogers.
  • As a happy owner of an ES-8 and an ES-3 and waiting for an ES-6 completing my hybrid rig with a total of 16 DC out and 10 DC in.
    I would love arbitrary i/o in Audulus. Full mix of the modules in my Eurorack and in my MacBook Pro!
  • @melkesedek WOW that is a lot of interface! Do you have a modulargrid version of your rig?
  • How does control voltage track with the ES-8? Is +-1 in Audulus like +-5 volts?

    edit: just got the ES-8 and it doesn't fit in the moog eurorack case :-/ Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced 104 hp case that can fit an es-8?
  • thanks for the response, i cant wait for more than two outs, it will be a game changer unlike anything ive seen, any update or ETA on it?
  • What audulus output format is best suited for controlling external oscillators with 1v/oct cv with an ES-8? is it straight 1/octave or do you have to scale that to +-1?

    Also, it seems that the mic inputs are still the mic inputs, how do i get inputs from the ES-8?

    Edit: It turns out the USB camera connector might be the problem with receiving inputs, as it doesn't seem to work for the ipad I normally use with Audulus. I ordered the less fancy USB adapter from Amazon.
  • I will be getting caught up on the Audulus forum tomorrow and answer all these and other questions! :) I have a patch that's almost done that is a special I/O for the ES-8 that I will share.
  • @biminiroad that is awesome news!
  • @RobertSyrett, you have to use a Camera Connection Kit; that is the only way to make the iPad act as a USB Host. In my opinion, the only good one is the latest one, because it allows you to power your iPad AND use it at the same time (what a concept).
  • @lagomorph - I don't think you can power from the ES-8 (it doesn't send power over USB, just data) - you'd need to use something like the iConnectivity to do that.
  • @biminiroad he is referring to the design of the connector which has an additional lightning port so you can keep the ipad charged while it is connected via usb. unfortunately I found that when I use this connector my iPad doesn't always recognize the device it is attached to. I checked around online and this seems to be a common complaint amongst iPad users.

    link to the adapter so you know what we're talking about
  • Oh joy, now I get to do a firmware update! I guess that's better than waiting indefinitely for Microsoft to do something.
  • Moved for relevance..

  • ES-8 Eurorack Tape Delay.audulus
  • howdy mr bimini!! just checking in to see how the multichannel es8 work was coming along?
  • @lionelfischer - Taylor is working on it right now! You'll see the announcement here when it comes out :)
  • @biminiroad can you upload that custom preset module for the lazy?
  • @RobertSyrett sorry for late answer. My current rack (still waiting for my ES-6) is on modulargrid. Published under melkesedek.
  • This is a little bit of a cross-post but I will be taking my ES-8 and Audulus to a modular meet-up and was wondering if there is anything you would like me to highlight to the group regarding Audulus?
  • Does anyone know the coefficient for translating the 1/oct into volt/oct? I have been multiplying by .118 and quantizing the output with the disting. It's definitely not right, but it's what I have got going at the moment. Perhaps I will get a chance to calibrate an oscillator with the silent way plug ins and see if those tools can give me any help in Audulus.
  • The formula is:


    If you need to shift by semitones, add or subtract in increments of 1/12 to the (o+4) portion.

    The o signal is a "VPO" signal, it's just shifted so that 0 = 440Hz A. It's still linear so you just need to apply linear transformations to get it to work. I suppose I haven't tested it if it's perfectly in tune, or if the formula needs a little tweaking, but it will be something like that.

    For Audulus and the ES-8, 0 = 0 volts and 1 = 10 volts, -1 = -10 volts.
  • Oh, and as for ES-8 and meetups @robertsyrett - I dunno! The sequencing is pretty great, but you can also use it as an effect looper, lots of cool stuff. It will be easier to show it off once you have access to the ADC DAC nodes too :)
  • You know what's odd? I routed a sequence playing off the arturia keystep into and out of Audulus and it was slightly different. I ended up spending the day wave shaping instead of doing anything productive on the ES-8 front. I will try the (o+4)/10 in the morning

    Can Audulus access the Inputs 3-4 (left hand side) and Outputs 3-8 (right hand side) of the ES-8?

    I have found Mic works for Inputs 1 & 2 and Speaker works for Outputs 1 & 2.

    If this can be done, how can it be achieved?
  • You can use Audulus as a plug in and run multiple instances to utilize multiple output pairs, although there are some other complications when using it as a VST.
  • What if I am trying to use Audulus straight from an iPad or computer directly into the ES-8 without a DAW?
  • Currently 2 ins and 2 outs. There is 16 port i/o in Beta-testing currently and hopefully that will come out in the near future. It's less than perfect, but there is still a lot you can do with just two outs.
  • Do you? I've jut been using the "camera" USB to Lightning adaptor.