Newbie Q - downloading user patches
  • I just bit the bullet and updated iOS from 5.1 to 6.1 on my iPad 3 64 GB. I had purchased Audulus months ago but was a little uncomfortable updated iOS on my iPad since iOS 6 pretty much bogged down my iPod after updated . Today was the day of no going back as I read where others in my position had no problems and that the Audiobus and Auria team suggested it was best to updated for better performance.

    I have watched the first tutorial video and plan to watch the newer ones shortly but had a quick question. I have downloaded a few of the user presets (to which I am grateful to those who have submitted) and found that only one that has been able to successfully load was 'afta8.Legato_Bell_Drum'. The others come up as "preview missing, load patch to generate preview".

    I am using "open/open in Audulus" on my iPad/WIFI connection. Any tips on getting these presets loaded? Is this process covered in later tutorial videos?

    Thanks Taylor for what looks and sounds (from my first impressions) to be a great app and to the forum members for a helpful community.

  • Should have mentioned earlier that when tapping on a non preview downloaded patch, it crashes to to the iPad home screen. Hope that helps. Any other info will be provided if requested.
  • Hey @Keebo, welcome! The "preview missing" message is from an old version of Audulus. It should say "Tap here to load patch and generate preview." Could you double-check that you've updated to Audulus 1.9 via the App Store?

    Also, I'm worried that the forum is sending incomplete files. Earlier today, @dougdi was getting incomplete files, which unfortunately, will cause Audulus to crash. Could you also double check that the files are the right size? The sizes are shown on the forum right below the little file icon for each patch. (you might have to email them to yourself to check the sizes, as there's no display of size within the app)

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    - Taylor
  • @Taylor, I haven't found a version number yet within the app but I was able to update all apps from Apple App Store and obviously 1.9 was updated because the previous patches (the ones that I tried) now work properly.

    Getting late now so I will try the others tomorrow.

    Thanks for you help.
  • Good, I'm glad those patches are working. I should show the version number somewhere within the app rather than just in the App Store :-\ Sorry about that!

    - Taylor