Virtual MIDI Keyboard for Windows/MAC
  • Hi all

    I'm organising an Audulus workshop in a few weeks time which is aimed at complete beginners (I would put myself in the slightly more advanced than beginners category so bear with me...!).

    If attendees are using windows or mac I believe there is no on-screen keyboard available to use in the app itself. We have a few USB MIDI controllers we can share out but probably not enough for one each...

    Does anyone have any advice/perspective on whether or not Audulus would work with a virtual midi device (for example by sending MIDI from a DAW, via LoopBe, etc etc)? I imagine some attendees at the workshop will have no other relevant software so preferably something free and easy to install - a quick google has thrown up this: - does anyone have any experience with it?

    I can have a play on my own machine (windows, fyi) and report back too :)


  • Hi Lucy - are you the one doing the YSWN workshop?

    You can use musical typing in Garageband with Audulus set as a plug-in, but I'd really suggest you show them sequencing instead - sequencing is perfect for beginners because it allows them to just twist a few knobs and make sound without having to continually play. They can concentrate on what each parameter is doing to the sound rather than trying to play something and change parameters.

    Also, since you're running a workshop, it would be best if everyone's just totally on the same page so you're not having to field questions about different DAWs and whatnot.

    I suggest sticking with the standalone especially since constructing in the plug-in still isn't very optimized. It will be better if you use the standalone to make something then load it into the plug-in (which is what I do). As you might imagine, there isn't really much like Audulus in VST/AU form, and it's tough to pack all the functionality of the standalone into the plugin, but we're working on it! :)

    If you give me more of an outline of what your goals are for the workshop, I can provide an example patch using the built-in modules that you can work off of.
  • I would agree with Biminiroad but for what it's worth, here are a couple of on-screen keyboards I created for development work on my Mac. One outputs frequency and the other is the 1 per octave standard used in many of the modules
  • Hi both

    Thanks so much for the comments - I will look into sequencing, that sounds good!


  • PS. Yes it is me running the YSWN workshop! :)
  • @stschoen - Top notch! Much appreciate the keyboard modules.
  • Not that it is a big deal, but it looks like the frequency version is adding or subtracting 1s rather than doubling/halving for octaves.