Tutorial Videos
  • I made some more tutorial videos, probably best suited for beginners/intermediate levels users. I would recommend doing the basic tutorials first before doing these.

    Making a resonant High Pass filter:

    Making a Vibrato for oscillators- Part 1:

    Making a Vibrato - Part 2, adding a delay:

    Hope they are useful :)
  • @afta8, excellent videos!

    BTW, you can disable the pop-up help in the preferences if its getting in the way.

    - Taylor
  • Thanks, I missed that setting, cheers :)
  • These are getting some notice on some of the popular blogs, great job!
  • @afta8, there was a thread over on Synthtopia: http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2013/01/28/audulus-tutorials/

    And http://matrixsynth.com has been picking them up too!

    @Dcramer, anywhere else?
  • Palmsound has picked them up as well http://www.palmsounds.net/2013/01/audulus-tutorial-how-to-make-resonant.html?

    Thought these were done really well!
  • Yup, that's where I saw them as well.
  • Where are the basic tutorials you refer to in the OP, afta8? I know of Taylor's very good one that's nearly 20 minutes long on Vimeo, but are there others?
  • @Eighthours, I've updated http://audulus.com/tutorial/ with all the tutorials :-). @afta8, by the basic ones, were you referring to my two "Quick Tip" videos? or the UI Intro videos?
  • Awesome, thanks for the positive feedback it is really cool to see them being picked up on other websites.

    So thats one ulterior motive achieved, get more attention for Audulus!
    I'm still waiting for the other one to be realised... encourage more patch submissions to the forum ;)

    @Taylor, thanks for including them on the main site. @Eighthours, the ones posted by @Taylor were the ones I was referring to, I did see one other user tutorial but can't find that now.
  • Awesome, thanks @afta8! User @AlbertGauer mentioned your "tool kit" workflow technique in this post: http://forum.audulus.com/discussion/566/copying-and-pasting-custom-nodes-between-instances#Item_1.
    Do you indeed have a patch that has all you're tool kit components in it? And would you be willing to share it?
    I am using a similar approach and was planning on uploading my "tool kit" of sub patches once it was up to strength. I'll post what I have so far If you're interested, although it's probably not as useful as yours just yet.
    Thank you :)
  • Just wanted to say these videos helped a lot when I was first starting so thanks!
  • Hah, ancient thread from 2 years ago :)

    @ceilidhshipley - The toolkit was posted to this thread back then: http://forum.audulus.com/discussion/110/share-your-sub-patches#Item_36

    Do bear in mind though that this was when Audulus didn't have custom nodes, maths expression and other goodies that we do now, so I think the whole toolkit could do with an update as some of the techniques in there will be out of date. Other bits will still be useful though.

    @biminiroad - thanks, glad you found it useful. I will make some more videos in future when I find the time
  • @afta8

    Hi mate, how do you copy patches between instances? Perhaps it´s something that only works on OS X. I have to check it.
  • @AlbertGauer, I'm on OS X and it works fine here, maybe it's an issue on windows?
  • @AlbertGauer - don't you mean "create --> (scroll down to your custom patch)"? Is it different on Windows? That's how it works on the iPhone at least.
  • @afta8, those are awesome. Particularly the noisy one.. that's an area of interest at the moment.
  • @biminiroad @afta8

    Taylor just replied to my email explaining that the OS X version works differently than windows's

    The work around is to open a patch, copy it, open a new patch and paste, and so on... No biggie! Then you can save the final patch containing all your custom nodes (or whatever nodes you would want)
  • @afta8

    mate, you would give a good Audulus teacher! haha

    I really enjoyed your videos.

    seriously, I don't know if you have the time, but if you're interested in creating a compilation of videos explaining the math expression nodes, and other cool tricks, we could arrange a deal! could send you money via paypal.

  • Thanks a lot @afta8, l'll check it out asap! I'm checking this forum so obsessively that I'm working my way back, hahaha.
  • @Afta8

    Hey mate,

    I wonder why you went thru all that "trouble" setting up a counter to delay the depth of the vibrato effect? You could just have used an ADSR node only, since they work as VCAs... Like in the example attached here. OR mapped the depth node to the modwheel
    Simple Vibrato Example.audulus
  • After some thinking, I found that using the Spline Node as an envelope, to delay the signal, looks like an alternative solution (perhaps more CPU saving??)

    Here is the example attached. What do you guys think?? By adjusting the attack time of the envelope controlling the crossfader, you can adjust the delay time.
    Vibrato With Spline.audulus
  • @AlbertGauer, I added the timer node so that you can control the time delay before the attack slope kicks in, this is pretty much as you have done in your second example (which is rather neat btw!).

    I also use most of my patches in the AU plugin version so having controls that I can map is useful this is something I can't do with the spline node.

    Also regarding your earlier post about videos, thanks for the offer to pay :)
    But it's no need, money isn't the motivation here, I'm happy to do them for free, its just finding the time to plan a video that makes sense. I am also happy do do something via google hangouts or ustream as that is a bit easier.

    I'm not sure what I could do with regards to a video on maths expression node though, once you get it, its rather straight forward, you don't need to be a maths wizz :)

  • @afta8, I actually shied away from the spline node at first because you can't modulate the points, but I can't keep away any longer! It's just too useful!!
    What would it look like if you could mod? Maybe the points themselves would show up as inputs. Then there could be a button in the UI of the node that alternates the inputs between controlling the x and y positions. @Taylor is this madness?
  • @ceilidhshipley, hmm, an input for each point means potentially a lot of inputs.
  • It would, but only as many as you create by double clicking. eh? eh?