patch node names ordering incorrect on iPad
  • Hey there...totally loving Audulus and learning some very cool stuff so thankyou Taylor and community!
    I was just following a great tutorial on creating a HP filter as a patch and noticed that the names of nodes differ position when you switch between patch mode and main screen. The attached images explain it more immediately but unless you know this you will not connect nodes correctly and therefore end up confused as to why it doesn't work (as I was initially ;-/).. does anyone else have this problem.. is it a bug perhaps?

    main screen // patch
    resonance // = resonance
    input // = frequency
    frequency // = input

    using iPad 2 16gb wifi iOS 6.1

    1024 x 768 - 42K
    1024 x 768 - 36K
  • Hey @jasl, it is indeed a bug. I've actually already fixed it on my end so the fix will be in the next version :-)

    The bug is that the inputs (and outputs too) of a patch node can get reordered when the patch is loaded. Even though the ordering is wrong, the names are still correct, so you can hook up the inputs by name. Sorry for the confusion, and I appreciate the bug report.

    - Taylor
  • Hey Taylor,
    thanks for replying so fast.. I just backed up my patches and reinstalled Audulus wondering if it might help but alas.. no joy.
    Anyway, I also noticed a couple of other things ..
    1 - when I adjust resonance via a constant node and look back in my HP patch to see how the 'peak' in the filter has adjusted visually, it remains flat. However, the audio works and I hear resonance very clearly. The frequency tracks without problem.

    2 - the text node for labelling does not seem to be working - not a biggy but it can be really useful of course ;-) When I try to add text I get a 3 circle menu = select inputs / delete node / help.
    The help node opens a blank white dialogue area. Select inputs gives no reaction but it is possible to delete.
    best regards,
  • For (1), I added the animation of frequency but haven't got to the resonance also. That is coming soon.

    (2) Sorry about the text node... I forgot to update its long-press gesture. If you hold down the menu button and tap on it you'll see "Edit Text"

    - Taylor