Audulus for Android
  • Hello. I was wondering - will there be Audulus for Android OS?
  • There are no plans for it right now - you can, however, use it for Windows, Mac, and Linux! :) for a free trial
  • +1 for Android release, I would love to be able to get an Android device to replace my current iPhone 5 since I hope to be able to convert my desktop environment to a Linux based OS. I could probably get my grandmother to give me back the iPad mini I gave her, but let's try to keep that from happening guys :)
  • The problem with releasing on Android is that although Audulus would be available on more platforms, people who already bought it for iOS/Computer would get fewer updates - in fact, everyone would get fewer updates in general. It's not as easy as just pushing a button and making Android happen - Taylor would have to invest many months learning the platform and adapting Audulus to Android. It's too little butter over too much toast - hope you understand! :)
  • I understand that one man can only do so much, but I think having Android as a long term growth goal is wise. I am a long time Apple user and increasingly I am using my windows laptop because the interface is optimized for both keyboard and mouse as well as touchscreen. Well, that and host of other reasons. Maybe in the not so distant future iOS won't be such a paradise but more of a sandbox with a limited user base, and that's the time to branch out to Android.
  • @RobertSyrett - if more people buy Audulus for the platforms it's already out for, we can afford to hire someone to port Audulus to Android! It's a bit of a gamble though right now and there's so much more good we can do for the people who already have it than just simply trying to make more money off an untapped market.
  • There's another modular app for both ios and android called Jasuto. Its not as deep as Audulus, but there's an interesting concept implemented inside.

    Basically, distance between nods matters, and you can even animate the movement of the nods.
  • Can we use it with mobile recorder on Android?