AM Synth using an Audio Stream
  • This patch uses zero crossing detection for an incoming stereo audio stream to get frequency and gate information which is sent to an envelope and oscillator to generate stereo audio. In addition to the envelope controls, you can shape the amplitude of synthesized waves by setting the controls for the ratio of the frequency of the incoming waves to a target wave frequency (min, max, and center frequency controls). Used logical checks so you can turn the controls without breaking the audio flow. The displayed waves are the output waves before going through the final step of being amplified by the master volume control. The amplitude of waves is attenuated when the incoming frequency fall outside of the ratio calculated from the settings.

    Since the patch uses zero crossing detection, the volume of the incoming wave will be independent of the amplitude of the output wave synthesized from it with the exception of zero amplitude.
    1024 x 768 - 125K
  • Here's a much improved version of the audio controlled synth.
    1024 x 768 - 265K
  • @Paulinko
    Updated version is zero bytes :(
  • @MacroMachines I uploaded the patch again so it should work now.