Bell Patch
  • Bells are one of my favorite sounds. Here's my second wip patch to try to capture a church or clapped bell. I am still not sure how to best synthesize the clapper, so I used FM as Reid suggested. It's still unpolished buy basically you dial in the partials multipliers vs Prime (strike tone multiples), partial amplitude, warble (detune) and envelope (a spline). At the top is the clapper.
    Bells II.audulus
    2048 x 1536 - 386K
  • I reworked the clapper into a clapper module, tuned the length of sounds, enabled poly(4), now uses less CPU (45% on iPhone for 4 voices vs 38% for 1 in previous). It's now much more useful across all octaves.

    I plan to create a preset selector so you can choose for different bells partials (middle age, 16th century, 18th, Taylor aka harmonic tuned bells). The current bell example is largely a Taylor -ie. Modern- bell).

    When presets make it to Audulus (and by that I mean presets working for Splines) then it will be truly imitate the time response of partials of different real life bells, and remember them.

    At some point I'll modulate some of the most obvious choices to make bells that start as very traditional bells and evolve to things impossible in real life. For example, automating the partial to drift is promising.

    Try this one below. It's much enhanced.
    Bells II.audulus
  • If someone ever for any reasons wants to learn more about bells, this page is great:

    This other explains other things, it's simpler and just about bells (no synth):

    For a very simple version and highly streamlined approach, there's this quick read at SOS:
  • I like your clapper, I think you might find my bandPass resonator module useful for this, it is more physically modeled, and you can excite it with a pulse or noise and every partial rings organically in response rather than fixed oscillators that are always ringing perfectly
    2732 x 2048 - 398K
  • I tried it but it's a bit too much for my iPhone or iPad (over 100 cpu). May need the iPad Pro (or laptop, but the latter reminds me of "work"). I am still not at all happy with the Bell Patch but I learned quite a bit. My clapper is barely passable and doesn't track well. Actually the whole bell sounds ok at 0 and part of +1. I'll probably give the church bell another try in a year or so...kind of comes and goes. What I need to make it useful is to have state saving so I can modify the splines (save different versions) so it can imitate The time-response of different bells.

    Maybe you can optimize your resonator? I looked at it and seems you put a lot of knowledge into it and are using the math module extensively. Thanks for commenting!
  • @fferreres - a lot of macromachine's patches use z-1 filters, which are optimized in the new engine that we're using in beta right now :)
  • ResonatorsBiquad.audulus
    2732 x 2048 - 262K
  • Hah @bimini you posted that while I was revising the patch to post hahaha
  • Lol. But seriously...(rolls eyes) great a news that is going to be included! I loved the resonator patches and can't wait for the Audulus update to try the ones with z-1's! Awesome stuff.